Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 9pm

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Archival Program


Directed by Henri Pachard

88 minutes

Co-Presented with VINEGAR SYNDROME

Introduction by David Church, PhD*

Q&A with Raymond Rhea, assistant cinematographer on MATINEE IDOL*


Erotic film stars Lance Hardy and Linda Hand (John Leslie and Jesie St. James respectively) have hit the breaking point in both their careers and their off screen relationship. Neither can accept the success of the other, as their egos continually clash on the set of their latest production. So, unable to resolve their differences, they go their separate ways, each hoping to outdo the other with their sexual conquests. What will it take to rekindle their love and reunite them as the screen’s favorite erotic couple? Or can only one of them become a matinee idol?

Directed by Henri Pachard (Babylon Pink), MATINEE IDOL is a glamorously mounted hardcore romantic comedy, which co-stars Colleen Brennan, Kay Parker, Tigr, Angel, and many more of the 1980’s biggest sex stars. Produced and written by (and also featuring) the legendary David F. Friedman (Blood Feast), MATINEE IDOL is a funny, touching, and unbelievably sensual story of making it in Hollywood.

*Dr. David Church is a Lecturer of Cinema Studies at Northern Arizona University, where he specializes in genre studies, gender/sexuality studies, taste cultures, and histories of film exhibition and distribution. His books include Disposable Passions: Vintage Pornography and the Material Legacies of Adult Cinema (Bloomsbury Academic, 2016) and Grindhouse Nostalgia: Memory, Home Video, and Exploitation Film Fandom (Edinburgh University Press, 2015).

*Raymond Rea is a filmmaker and writer . He worked for over a decade as an actor and director with San Francisco's Theatre Rhubarb, a company dedicated to staging rarely seen and risk-taking theatre works. His own production company, Density Over Duration, has produced 8 stage works, 11 short films and an experimental narrative feature. His film and video work has screened widely, both nationally and internationally. Ray's writing has been produced at EXIT Stage Left, EXIT Mainstage, BUILD and the Theatre Rhino in San Francisco and Theatre B in North Dakota. He earned his MFA from San Francisco State University and works as a Professor of Film in the School of Media Arts & Design, MSUM.

*No one under 18 admitted*

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